Dec 29

January Networking Activity

Networking is an important part of your business.  That is why you read and study everything regarding the topic of social media marketing.  Though human interaction is diminished, it is a more efficient and cost-effective way to promote your business to a great number of people.  But the value of human interaction is important also, and you should not forget to market face to face.

January is an important time to take your business to your human network, and networking groups are an efficient way to accomplish that.  Why is January so important? Well consider how you are approaching January with your business resolutions. Unless you are different than most, you have resolved to actively promote your business more next year. In January, you will really be enthusiastic on this approach.  Would you expect other business owners to be any different? Of course not. Expect networking groups to be filled with many enthusiastic individuals looking for someone else to promote their business in exchange for reciprocal promotion during the month of January.  Also, there will be many at these events that will be looking to partner up in other business matters.

January activity is essential in having a successful first quarter of 2012.  So find the networking event or group that you feel will fit your goals, and get in there and network!


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