Dec 30

Marketing By Video

Many small businesses are marketing by video in their marketing plans.  Here are a few tips to be considered when you offer up that marketing video.

1. Analyze, analyze, analyze everything about your internet marketing video.  Not only find out how many people are viewing and how they get there, but also find out when they stopped watching which can tell you where your video was weak.  Analysis can also show your where your audience found your video, which is a very important factor to know about your audience for future marketing purposes.

2. Be sure to let the bloggers who write about your specific business or industry about your video, and urge them to share it on their blogs.  The more exposure you can get from others will help you not only with their audience, but will also help your video in the search engines.

3. A startling fact is that there are about 9.6 million videos uploaded to the web every week.  How can you make sure that yours is found and watched?  Be certain to research what keywords will help to to get more visits by the audience that you seek.

4 . Grab the viewer as quickly as you can and never let go.  The adage that you get only about thirty seconds to make a lasting impression holds true especially here. Make sure your video commands attention in the first few moments. If it is good enough, your audience will share your video with their friends and social networks.

The success of the video not only rests on the quality of the presentation but also on the value of the message.  If you fail to get the audience, then the video gets lost in the online shuffle. But taking heed of the above factors will help your video to stand out.

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