May 24

The Fundamentals of Marketing Using Social Media: Branding

Last week we started the Fundamentals of Marketing Using Social Media by touching on the basics.  This week we delve further into branding by giving tips and tricks to help get you started!


What is Branding?

A brand is a “Name, term, design, symbol, or any other feature that identifies one seller’s good or service as distinct from those of other sellers.”

Branding is the marketing of said brand.


Why should you brand yourself?

Branding yourself gives you control over how people see you and your products. It allows you to become acknowledged as a “go-to” person/company in your field. Becoming a strong brand allows you to influence your audience/consumer.

You’re thinking “great, but how does that help me bring in more revenue”. The answer is easy. When your company or product brands itself, it becomes recognizable. And people LOVE recognizable products. It’s human nature to gravitate toward the familiar.


General How-To of Branding

General Branding Tips


  • Have a Memorable Logo
  • Have a website that represents you and/or your company and products/services
  • Take every opportunity that allows you to shine (show your expertise)
  • Make it easy to contact you via as many avenues as possible (Skype, Twitter, Facebook etc)
  • Help other people in your industry (advise newcomers etc)
  • Publicize your brand-related successes
  • Join groups on social media outlets that relate to your industry
  • Consider writing a blog relating to your field
  • Offer to write articles about your field in publications such as newspapers, blogs, etc
  • Put your personal brand information in your email signature, forum signatures, your letterhead, all social media profiles (including Ning’s, Skype)
  • Consider writing an e-book


On Twitter:


  • Have your custom background in place that includes your logo, colors, and most importantly your contact information.
  • Use your logo as your profile photo


On Facebook:


  • Your business pages Timeline photograph is a great place to showcase your brand. It cannot include any contact information, nor calls to action.
  • Your profile photo is a great place to showcase your logo


On Youtube:


  • Have your custom background in place
  • Use the description area to include all of your custom URLS (facebook address, twitter address, linked in, etc.)
  • Add Overlays to all of your videos
  • Make sure you click the box that prevents other ads from appearing in your video



Branding yourself, your company or your services is important to business success. When starting the branding process, ask yourself this question: “What makes me, my services, or my product different?” Then answer yourself in 15 words or less. Write it down and repeat it. Make sure you answer your question and that the answer grabs you. If it doesn’t, use your imagination and get back to the drawing board! Chances are you’re selling yourself short!


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