Mar 22

How Can LinkedIn Help Your Social Media Strategy?

LinkedIn is a social site that is primarily focused on business. Its member base is greater than 135 million professionals that use it for recruiting, networking, promoting business content, and generating thought leadership. It is an easy site to navigate, and building a personal profile is easily done. Building a business page is a little harder, but definitely worth the effort. You will find it a valuable information tool in gathering research for your business, and also gaining insight into your business by discussing with others the similar problems that they have overcome.

One valuable place on the site for you and your employees to establish thought leadership and reach is the place titled LinkedIn Answers. Here you can monitor questions that pertain to your business or industry. When answering, you have the ability to link to sources. If you have written a recent blog post on the subject you should post a link to it in your answer. What more influential way to get traffic to your site?

Another valuable place on LinkedIn is the discussion area in the LinkedIn groups. Here you can post discussion questions, topics and more to the group as a whole. These discussions not only give you and your employees a chance to provide a thoughtful answer, but also can give you another opportunity to link to your business as a valuable resource to the community.

LinkedIn offers great value in you social media strategy, particularly when you are marketing business to business. The members are professionals from all aspects of business, and it can last to building a long lasting relationship with many of your targeted professionals.

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Feb 21

Using Twitter as A Medium for the Anti-Social

Twitter is no longer the passing fad that was dismissed by some as a part of a social media plan because it was perceived as a derivative of the text message. Twitter is a broad communications platform that many have embraced. In fact many companies, like Starbucks, Intel, and Boeing have begun to use Twitter to support their social media efforts.

Unique characteristics of the platform of Twitter include:

  • Promotion of your product or service: When this is done it can result in real time feedback from your followers which can be invaluable to your decision making.
  • Drive more traffic to your blog or website: The ability of Twitter to automatically shorten the URL has given businesses the ability to write an article or update its website and drive visitors there.
  • Ability to market in a more creative and innovative manner: Since Twitter is an opt-in platform by its very nature, businesses can be sure they are talking to those that are interested in what they have to say.

If you haven’t done so already, adding Twitter to your social media strategy can be important in reaching your business to business customers.

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Feb 18

Handling Criticism As a Blogger

Writing a blog is expressing an opinion or sharing facts. In the process, it is only natural to get some criticism on the views you express. How you as the blogger respond to that criticism is important in showing how to serve your visitors who may become your customers. Here are several tips on how to handle criticism without it alienating those who read your blog.

Accept the fact that since you are operating in a public forum, the views you express will not be in agreement with the views of your readers. After all, the comments to your blog will come in many forms, and negative comments on your views only demonstrates that you are reaching people and getting them to engage with you and your thoughts. Though it is difficult to receive criticism in any form, you must be able to use the information positively and the first step in that process is to accept criticism of your views as a natural occurrence.

You must make use of the criticism. It is best to determine what the criticism is actually saying. It could be a comment that your information is of no value, or that the design of your blog is unappealing, or maybe it’s just a straight disagreement with your argument. The path of action you should take would be determined by the type of comment. If it’s a disagreement, then your reaction should be to verify your facts, and after doing some research, present your argument against the criticism with more evidence. If it is an argument that your information is of no value, then you may need to make some minor changes in the information that you present.

It is important to accept criticism and deal with it in a professional manner. Visitors to your blog come for the information. If they do not like the way that you have handled another reader’s opinion, then they may not return.

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