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Dec 29

January Networking Activity

Networking is an important part of your business.  That is why you read and study everything regarding the topic of social media marketing.  Though human interaction is diminished, it is a more efficient and cost-effective way to promote your business to a great number of people.  But the value of human interaction is important also, …

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Dec 22

Marketing with Networking Groups

Social networking has become an important way for a business to expand its customer base.  Your campaign should utilize it, but should also contain other strategies including some that are offline.  This post will address one offline strategy, the networking group. Business networking groups have been around for awhile, and because they are around, it …

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Dec 17

The Short Speech

Though online social networking is important, you must not forget the importance of face-to-face networking in promoting your business. In today’s busy society, the importance of being able to describe your product or service to a potential customer in a short time becomes very important. Especially during this time of year, at holiday parties, you …

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