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Feb 18

Handling Criticism As a Blogger

Writing a blog is expressing an opinion or sharing facts. In the process, it is only natural to get some criticism on the views you express. How you as the blogger respond to that criticism is important in showing how to serve your visitors who may become your customers. Here are several tips on how …

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Jan 24

Blog About What You Know Best

Perhaps you are using as an excuse to not have a business blog is that you do not have anything to write about. It was just the other day in a conversation with a hairstylist that she said, “I just wouldn’t have anything to write about.” Yet just several minutes before, she passed along several …

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Jan 16

Use Success to Achieve Success

Emulation is defined the effort or desire to equal or excel others. Why should you emulate someone? Because emulating a successful person is a great way to get help you become successful yourself. Seeing how they have promoted their business to becoming successful will help you to adapt their methods to your specific environment and …

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