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May 17

The Fundamentals of Marketing Using Social Media: A Series

You’ve heard the buzz-words: social media marketing, content marketing, in-bound marketing, branding. You’ve seen brands  making their mark online. You’ve started a Facebook page, and maybe a Twitter account. And yet, you still hearing crickets chirping. You get frustrated and are ready to give up…   Sound familiar? This series of articles will touch on the …

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Jan 31

Social Media – A New Way to Listen to Your Customers

Small business owners (and their sales staff) know the importance of listening to their customers. The best way for a customer to tell you what they want is by engaging in a conversation with the customer rather than reciting benefits and performance without knowing exactly what benefit the customer is actually seeking. Many a sale …

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Jan 24

Blog About What You Know Best

Perhaps you are using as an excuse to not have a business blog is that you do not have anything to write about. It was just the other day in a conversation with a hairstylist that she said, “I just wouldn’t have anything to write about.” Yet just several minutes before, she passed along several …

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